Pundit Boxscore

Lines in yellow indicate a substantive crossover column, meaning that the column is of opposite sign to the pundit's Normalized Total PI for the season, and contains at least five non-neutral partisan references.
Democratic references in blue, Republican in red, positive references in bold, negative in italics.
words PI Partisan References
Bob Herbert
New York Times
How Long Is Long Enough?
30 June 2009
883 100 2D-
There is: Obama administration, administration
David Brooks
New York Times
Vince Lombardi Politics
30 June 2009
1039 38 1D+,7D-,8D=
Freud said: Democrats, Clintoncare, Democrats, Clinton
The first: Clinton, Obama administration
Second, Democrats: Democrats, Obama administration
Third, the: Clintoncare, administration, administration
All of: Democrats, Democratic
But the: Democrats
On the: Democratic
The great: Barack Obama
George F. Will
Washington Post
On Race, the Slog Goes On
30 June 2009
852 0
Thomas Sowell
Creators Syndicate
Alice in Medical Care
30 June 2009
777 0
E.J. Dionne Jr.
Washington Post
Obama Needs to Intervene on Health Care Bill
29 June 2009
1061 6 7D+,4D-,13D=,3R+,2R-,6R=
E.J. Dionne: Obama
Every general: President Obama, Bill Clinton
In particular,: Obama, David Axelrod
The president: The president, Obama
Obama's initial: Obama, Clinton, Obama
The first: Republican, Max Baucus, Democratic, Republican, Chuck Grassley
I'm told: Grassley, Republican, Baucus, Republican, Olympia Snowe, Grassley
This creates: Baucus, Baucus
Meanwhile, Democrats: Democrats, Obama, Democrats, Obama
But other: Grassley
Obama was: Obama
There are: Obama
My own: Tom Daschle, Bob Dole, Howard Baker
Obama's lobbying: Obama, Baucus
Paul Krugman
New York Times
Betraying the Planet
29 June 2009
890 80 2D+,2R-,1R=
So the: Waxman, Markey
Indeed, if: Paul Broun
Yet Mr.: Broun
Do you: Bush administration
Clarence Page
Chicago Tribune
Jackson's creative self-destruction
28 June 2009
998 0
Eugene Robinson
Washington Post
Michael Jackson: The Perils of a Prodigy
28 June 2009
909 0
Leonard Pitts Jr.
Miami Herald
'Homosexual demon' target of exorcism
28 Jun 2009
783 0
Maureen Dowd
New York Times
Genius in the Bottle
28 June 2009
981 85 1D+,2D=,10R-
As in: Mark Sanford
Mark was: Bill Clinton
Mark is: President Obama
Mark hates: Bill
Sanford should: Sanford
Sanford can: Sanford
The Republican: Republican Party, Sanford, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Palin, Ensign, Vitter
Nicholas D. Kristof
New York Times
It’s Time to Learn From Frogs
28 June 2009
857 0
Ruben Navarrette
Washington Post Writers Group
Shut Out in Obamaland
28 June 2009
937 35 6D+,18D-,6D=,1R-
Shut Out: Obamaland
SAN DIEGO: President Obama, administration, White House
The relationship: Republican, Obama, Obama
Since taking: Obama, Obama
It gets: Obama, Obama
So imagine: Obama, administration, Obama
All of: Obama, Obama, Democratic, Obama
What's more,: White House, Obama
Things are: Obama
At the: Obama, David Axelrod, Obama, Axelrod, Obama, Axelrod
The president's: The president, Obama
The deteriorating: Obama
Gays and: Barack Obama
Bob Herbert
New York Times
No Recovery in Sight
27 June 2009
894 50 1D-,1D=
Some months: Obama administration
Why this: Obama administration
Gail Collins
New York Times
The S.C. Firecracker
27 June 2009
967 7 1D+,6D-,2D=,4R-,2R=
The only: Mark (“I love your tan lines”) Sanford
Another big: Sanford
O.K., I: Wilbur Mills
Foxe was: Mills, Mills
Years later,: Mills
“I had: President Ford, Mills
Whether or: Mills
New Jersey: James McGreevey, Eliot Spitzer, Mills
While most: Sanford
So far,: Sanford
It was: Sanford
Charles Krauthammer
Washington Post
Iran's Revolution Needs a Leader
26 June 2009
831 100 1D-
President Obama's: President Obama
Cal Thomas
Tribune Media Services
The Voice Claims Another Victim
26 June 2009
764 50 1D-,3R-
The first: Mark Sanford
Gov. Sanford: Sanford
One can: Sanford
There was: Bill Clinton
Cal Thomas
Tribune Media Services
Fame: I'm (not) Gonna Live Forever
26 June 2009
773 0 1D=
Last Thursday: President Obama
David Brooks
New York Times
Human Nature Today
26 June 2009
892 0
Jonah Goldberg
Tribune Media Services
Endless love
26 June 2009
946 80 8D-,2D=
Huzzah! Thanks: Obama
The New: the President
"The press: Obama
But what: The One
A week: Obama
The good: White House
As Kool: the president, Obama
Maybe the: White House
But denial: Obama
Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
EPA's Game of Global Warming Hide-and-Seek
26 June 2009
809 36 1D+,5D-,5D=
The Obama: Obama administration, Democrats
The free: Obama
"The time: administration
But, of: Lisa Jackson, Jackson
The EPA: Al Gore, Carol Browner, Nancy Pelosi
In April,: President Obama, Obama administration
Paul Krugman
New York Times
Not Enough Audacity
26 June 2009
996 5 3D+,4D-,10D=,2R=
When it: Barack Obamas
On one: Barack
But on: Barack
Both Baracks: Baracks, the president, Obama
But when: Rahm Emanuel, Democratic, Kent Conrad, White House
At the: Obama, Obama, Senate Republicans
At the: administration, Republicans
Which brings: Obama
Indeed, the: Obama
So Mr.: Obama, Democrats
Peggy Noonan
WSJ OpinionJournal
To-Do List: A Sentence, Not 10 Paragraphs
26 June 2009
1475 35 2D+,8D-,6D=,1R=
Something seems: president, the president, President Barack Obama, Republicans
The Sentence: John F. Kennedy, FDR
She wondered: Kennedy
Mr. Obama's: Obama's White House
New White: Obama, the president, administration, administration
Mr. Obama: Obama
It is: Obama
Are we: presidential
In terms: administration
Our economy: Obama