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The absurdity of partisanship
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Bill Keller
New York Times

Columns 13
Words 23146
Median Partisanship Index 20.83
Total Partisanship Index 9.33
Combined Partisanship Index 15.08
Positive Democratic Index 3.33
Negative Democratic Index 1.67
Positive Republican Index 29.00
Negative Republican Index 36.67
Positive Index 32.33
Negative Index 38.33
Neutral Index 29.33

Partisan References

Type Number All References
Positive Democratic 10 Joseph Biden(2), Clinton(2), President Clinton, Democrat, Biden, Democrats, F.D.R., Truman
Negative Democratic 5 Democratic(2), Bill Clinton, Ramsey Clark, Democrats
Neutral Democratic 9Democrats(2), Clinton administration(2), Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Democratic, John Kerry, President Bill Clinton
Positive Republican 87 Bush(23), Powell(11), the president(6), Rumsfeld(6), Bush administration(5), administration(4), Republican(4), Colin Powell(3), President Bush(3), president(3), The president(2), Karl Rove(2), White House(2), Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, James Baker, Reaganite, Baker, Mineta, George Bush, Republicans, Rudolph Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice
Negative Republican 110 Bush(28), administration(16), Pataki(14), the president(9), Bush administration(7), Rumsfeld(7), President Bush(5), White House(4), Donald Rumsfeld(3), George W. Bush(2), Colin Powell(2), Powell(2), president, Norman Mineta, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, William Bennett, Pat Buchanan, Republican, Wolfowitz, The president, Republicans, Bush White House
Neutral Republican 79Bush(32), the president(5), President Bush(5), Powell(5), Rumsfeld(5), Colin Powell(3), Republican(3), Bush administration(3), administration(3), Republican Party(2), Wolfowitz(2), Tom Ridge(2), White House(2), Administration, Bush's cabinet, George W. Bush, Pataki, The president, Bushite, Ronald Reagan

List of Columns

words PI Partisan References
Mr. Diversity
28 June 2003
1654 20 2R+: Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell
3R-: George W. Bush, Bush White House, President Bush
The Boys Who Cried Wolfowitz
14 June 2003
1839 21 1D-: Democrats
4R+: President Bush, Bush administration, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Wolfowitz
10R-: Wolfowitz, Bush administration, Bush administration, The president, Colin Powell, administration, the president, administration, Bush, Republicans
1D=, 8R=
Spurious George
31 May 2003
1663 52 1D-: Democratic
4R+: Republican, Rudolph Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, Republican
18R-: George Pataki, President Bush, William Bennett, Pataki, Pataki, Republican, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki, Pataki
God and George W. Bush
17 May 2003
1865 18 19R+: Bush, Bush, White House, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, president, Bush, the president, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Karl Rove, White House
10R-: President Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, the president, Rick Santorum, Bush, Bush, the president, Bush
Digging Up the Dead
3 May 2003
1630 33 2R+: President Bush, administration
5R-: Bush, Bush administration, administration, administration, Bush
De-fense! De-fense! De-fense!
19 April 2003
1705 23 3R+: administration, Mineta, George Bush
6R-: Norman Mineta, Bush administration, administration, administration, President Bush, Bush
Rumsfeld and the Generals
5 April 2003
1789 15 6R+: Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld
9R-: Donald Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Bush administration, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld, administration, administration
Why Colin Powell Should Go
22 March 2003
2075 2 1D-: Ramsey Clark
19R+: Colin Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, Powell, James Baker, Baker, president, Powell, Powell, Reaganite, Powell, the president, Powell, Powell, the president, Powell, the president, Powell
21R-: Colin Powell, administration, Powell, Bush administration, administration, the president, White House, administration, the president, Donald Rumsfeld, Powell, Bush, White House, Rumsfeld, the president, Rumsfeld, White House, the president, Bush administration, administration, president
Is It Good for the Jews?
8 March 2003
1730 64 1D-: Democratic
14R+: Bush administration, president, Richard Perle, Bush administration, the president, Karl Rove, Bush, Republican, the president, Republican, Bush, Bush, administration, President Bush
1R-: Pat Buchanan
1D=, 5R=
Fear on the Home Front
22 February 2003
1711 31 2R+: Bush administration, administration
6R-: the president, Bush, Bush, administration, Bush, Bush
1D=, 4R=
The I-Can't-Believe-I'm-a-Hawk Club
8 February 2003
1827 29 9D+: Clinton, Joseph Biden, Democrat, Biden, Clinton, Democrats, Joseph Biden, F.D.R., Truman
8R+: The president, The president, Colin Powell, Bush, Bush, Bush, Republicans, Paul Wolfowitz
9R-: President Bush, administration, Bush, Bush, Bush, administration, Bush, Bush, Bush
3D=, 5R=
Why Bush Won't Wait
25 January 2003
1778 14 2R+: Bush, Bush
4R-: Bush, Bush, Bush, the president
At the Short End of the Axis of Evil: Some F.A.Q.'s
11 January 2003
1880 27 1D+: President Clinton
1D-: Bill Clinton
2R+: Bush administration, Bush
8R-: White House, George W. Bush, Bush, Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, administration, Bush, Bush
3D=, 7R=