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The absurdity of partisanship
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Pundit Boxscore for Sunday 29 December 2002

words PI Partisan References
Bob Herbert
New York Times
States of Alarm
29 December 2002
854 43 3D+: Thomas Menino, Patton, Menino
3D=, 1R=
Mary McGrory
Washington Post
Bush's Moonshine Policy
29 December 2002
1052 22 10R+: Richard Lugar, Bush, Karl Rove, Bush, Rove, Bill Frist, Bush, Frist, Republicans, Frist
17R-: Bush, George W. Bush, George W. Bush, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, President Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Trent Lott, Lott, Republicans, Lott, Republicans, Lott, Lott, Bush
2D=, 3R=
Jim Hoagland
Washington Post
A History Course For 2003
29 December 2002
933 11 1D+: Strobe Talbott
1R+: Condoleezza Rice
1R-: President Bush
4D=, 2R=
George F. Will
Washington Post
Why Campaign Funders Do It
29 December 2002
857 0 1D-: Feingold
1R-: McCain